If your self-driving Tesla hit a police car who gets the ticket?  Asking for a friend.

You're not going to like the answer if you have one of these autonomous vehicles.  Apparently, if you're the person operating the vehicle, regardless of if you're in auto-pilot mode, you get the citation.  That's the case for a 22-year-old Lansing man who just had a nasty fender bender with the Michigan State Police.  According to the MSP First District Twitter the patrol car was parked on the side of the road investigating an accident when they were struck by a Tesla.  Check out the tweet below.

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This doesn't ease the anxiety that many Americans have about the thought of a driverless car.  Getting into a car accident when you have no control over the vehicle and receiving a citation for the accident on top of that seems unthinkable.  As much as we may want this Tesla self-driving vehicle to work.  It sounds like the "TechnoKing" has some work to do.

The Detroit News points out this is the second Tesla accident in Michigan in a week,

A Tesla SUV crashed into a semi on March 11 on Detroit's southwest side. In that crash, the Tesla's driver was charged with reckless driving causing serious injury.

Back in 2016, then Michigan Governor Rick Snyder pass one of the most lax self-driving car laws in the United States.

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