A popular Michigan pizza chain recently hit a milestone: their 75th anniversary. To celebrate, they decide to donate a portion of their proceeds to charities local to Michigan including one in Kalamazoo.

Thanks to The Humans of Kalamazoo for sharing this to their Facebook group. Known for their Detroit style pizza, Buddy's Pizza, naturally, did something special for National Detroit Style Pizza Day while also celebrating their 75th anniversary. They vowed to donate $1 from every pizza sale to organizations like:

Each charity seems to be focused on helping community members going through housing crises. Closer to home, Housing Resources Inc is, "dedicated to finding housing solutions for individuals in the midst of a housing crisis, as well as on behalf of the Kalamazoo County community at large."

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While $1 from every sale may seem like a small amount, Buddy's Pizza is, apparently, very popular. Even the Governor tweeted about it yesterday:

Since this happened yesterday, there's no specific amount of donations listed just yet. But, with that popularity I hope they had incredible success.

On a more serious note, if you are in the Kalamazoo area and are currently facing a housing crisis, about to be evicted, or are currently living in your car or on the street you can find information on how to get help on the Housing Resources Inc website. And remember, even if you missed National Detroit Style Pizza Day, I'm sure Housing Resources Inc would greatly appreciate any donations made.

As well, if you're a landlord that would be interested in partnering with Housing Resources Inc, you can find all the information you need here.

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