I've seen lots of people on Facebook from the Paw Paw area question what is happening to the Taco Bell in Paw Paw. Apparently there were two large garbage bins filled with what looked like things from inside the store. There seems to also being something going on with the Taco Bell in Otsego as well. This may be a local project that was handed down by corporate because both stores are officially going through a full remodel.

The Paw Paw Taco Bell drive through will remain open for a few weeks according to one resident who commented that the: "Drive through is open. I spoke with a manager today and he said it’s a 6-week remodel. The last week and a half the whole store will be closed."  So for now it looks like you'll still be able to get your taco fix on while they remodel the dining area, but keep an eye out for when they shut down to finish the job.


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