Village of Paw Paw is doing away with the reverse angle parking!

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that absolutely hated Paw Paw's new parking system.  Monday Night the Village of Paw Paw voted to get rid of this terrible parking situation.

Paw Paw spent $100,000 on the update that drove residence and local businesses crazy.  In fact, local businesses have not just constantly dealt with complaints.  They've lost business.

According to WWMT Channel 3, "an overwhelming 93% of people" voted to do away with the reverse parking situation.  Otsego is one of a couple local areas who are planning on changing to reverse angle parking in the near future.  I wonder if this will change their plans.

I'm not saying that I had an impact on this fiasco by talking about it on my show and in my blog.  But if I did...I now need to figure out how to get high speed internet in Mattawan!


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