The amazing (and very cool) Pat Benatar is coming to the Kalamazoo State Theatre on Tue May 5th, and I want her to sign my 45 record!

Most people assume that radio people are able to go backstage, and meet an artist when they come to town, but really, that is rarely the case now days. With that nugget of information, you can understand why I need to get sly, and weasel my way in to meet her.

I was told once by a friend, who is journalist that...

"All you need to get anywhere is a notepad, a pen, and look like you belong there."

I trust her, but...I think I need a back up plan. So after some investigation I found the the web-site, where they list how to maneuver into places that you are not supposed to be.

Here Are The 8 Pieces Of Advice On How To Get Backstage...

  1. Wear Dark, Casual Clothing - You want to blend in so do not wear anything flashy. In fact, try and pick clothes that resemble what the crew is wearing, that will draw the least amount of attention to yourself.
  2. Act Natural- If you fly your freak flag and ranting about how excited you are to see the band, security will catch on.
  3. Make Eye Contact - Keep your head up, make eye contact, and act like you belong. You will go more unnoticed if you are confident then you blend in more.
  4. Have A Forged ID Ready (if possible) To Identify You As Crew - Most security guards do not look closely at the crews credentials, so slipping by should be fairly easy.
  5. Head To Your Destination - Keep moving, don't slow down, even if you don't know where you are going. Follow the crowd and you will figure it out.
  6. Talk Like you Belong - If a staff member walks by, try to say "Hi" to them or make a quick comment like "The band sure is hyped up tonight".
  7. Ask Someone Casually What To Do (of course as a last resort, if everything fails ) - But be smart about it! For example if there is a code on a door say "What's the code? I forgot it AGAIN!" or if you are lost, ask which way to a band members dressing room followed by "All these venues start to blend together after a while."
  8. Go For It - What is the worst that can don't get in, heck at least you tried and now have a story to tell.

Cool Facts About Patricia Mae Andrzejewski aka Pat Bentar, Courtesy of

  • She was born in Brooklyn New York
  • Her mother was beautician and father was steel metal worker
  • She sang her first solo when she was 8 years old
  • She once worked as a bank teller
  • She has wone 4 Grammy Awards
  • She is an author, her book is titled "Between A Heart And A Rock Place." 
  • 15 of her singles made the Top 40 chart
  • She has been married to Neil Giraldo (her guitar player) since 1982
  • She and Neil have two daughters, Haley and Hana

If you didn't want to rock out to this legend before, I bet you do now!

P.S. Please someone bail me out if this plan of sneaking backstage goes sideways!

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