Michigan native Mike Posner is coming to the Kalamazoo State Theatre on May 3rd. You may be surprised to learn who he has written songs for, as well as who has worked as a producer for!

Mike Posner was born on Feb.12th 1988, and raised in the northern suburb of Detroit, Southfield Michigan. After high school he attended Duke University, where just before he started his junior year at the school he was signed to J Records. Wikipedia.com reports that...

 "He chose to return to Duke after signing, and toured on the weekends while at the same time recording for his debut album".

We all know that he went on to write and record songs like...

  • 'Cooler Then Me'
  • 'I Took A Pill In Ibiza'

But, did you know that he produces and writes for other artists?

He has worked for years in the music industry writing and producing for artists like...

  • Pharrell Williams
  • Snoop Dog
  • Nelly

Even more impressive are the songs he wrote for himself but decided to pass along to other artists. Those songs became hits...

Justin Bieber - 'Boyfriend'

Maroon 5 - 'Sugar'

Nick Jonas - 'Closer'

Beyond being a recording artist, and producer, he is a writer of poetry. On March 17th Mike will be releasing a book of poetry titled 'Teardrops and Balloons'. He is a man with many talents, that is for sure!

Don't forget to get your tickets to his show at the Kalamazoo State Theatre on May 3rd!

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