This guy may be the luckiest, unlucky human alive.

What more than likely started out as a relaxing day on the Blue River in Indiana could have ended with loss of life without the help of DNR conservation officers and a sheriff deputy according to Mlive,

Officers and witnesses say the deputy and COs Neal Brewington, Jim Schreck, Dennis Talley and Logan Hodges “very likely” saved the man’s life since he was passed out in a raft with a bottle of rum on his lap as he approached the Milltown Dam on the Blue River in Crawford County.

Being passed out drunk on a raft in a flooded river is pretty dangerous all by itself.  However, approaching a dam while passed out drunk on a raft in a flooded river is extremely dangerous.  To add more of an obstacle in this rescue, the more flooded the river, the faster the current.

The rescue team tried everything to wake the man up from screaming to throwing things at him.  No luck.  They were running out of ideas as the man rapidly floated in the direction of the roaring Miltown Dam.

After floating over 7 miles down the flooded river in Crawford County, the man washed to shore a couple miles shy of the dam.  The floating drinker is fine but under arrest.

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