Alright, at first glance I was pretty blown away at what appears to be a panther or some kind of huge cat roaming around freely in what is supposedly the Business Spur in Downtown Kalamazoo off of Lake St. Apparently the photo was taken on the morning of March 5th, 2021. A woman posted the picture on her Facebook which can be seen here:

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Now, let's do a little double take here. I'm a little skeptical of the picture considering its front paws look like little nubs, but that could be the terrain. They just don't seem like the thickness of paws that a panther of this size would have. Second, I've heard no kind of breaking news that there's a FRIGGIN PANTHER ON THE LOOSE. However, there have been some strange things happening in our area as of late.

 UPDATE: A woman claimed to have an actual encounter with this animal on the Kalamazoo County Lost/Founds Pets page, stating: "Given I was 5ft away from this thing trying to attack my dogs... it is definitely a very large black cat that was face to face with my 80lb dog." 

Last week there were reports from people seeing strange things in a field which led many to believe there was a UFO sighting in Gobles. Unfortunately this was soon debunked by the NWS:

Sun eve, a weather balloon launched from Davenport, IA, likely landed over West Michigan, SW of GR, near Byron Center....
Posted by US National Weather Service Grand Rapids Michigan on Monday, March 1, 2021

Regardless, there was the time not too long ago where people were claiming to see some kind of hairy animal, possibly Bigfoot in Kalamazoo near 131 which caused people to pull off to the side to see what it was. We never got an answer there, but I'm pretty much chalking this story up as a hoax, even with over 600 shares on Facebook. That is, until we get hard evidence.


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