Oreo recently has been hitting it out of the park with some of their new creations! The red velvet cake Oreos are a personal favorite. Haven't tried the s'mores,  but I have only heard good things! Well starting next week, Oreo will be unveiling their newest creation Oreo Thins. They will come in a few different flavors, the only difference is that the actual cookie part is thinner, and the frosting in the middle is less as well. It's like getting half the cookie as the original.

I am not a big fan of this new cookie. It really isn't for losing weight or watching calories. There are only 7 less calories per cookie. It is just what is hot now. Thinner versions of things. Like phones. They keep getting thinner and thinner. Pretty soon you will be talking on a piece of paper!

Now I have heard from some that they will enjoy these more because they think there is too much frosting in the original. I guess we will wait for them to hit the stores to see!


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Getty Images

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