As we prepare for another opening, seafood restaurants have become more than a norm here in Kalamazoo. We have seen Tangy Crab, Kiki's Crab and Fries, and Crafty Crab join the likes of H prime Chop House Seafood and Steakhouse and Red Lobster as some of the top seafood restaurants in town. Sure there are tons of other places in town that you can get seafood, but these get some extra love for their crab leg options, and now there is some new competition upon the horizon.

This week, we get to experience the opening of another restaurant that will hopefully provide joy and flavor to our taste buds. It was so sad to see our beloved Brann's Steakhouse take a bow out of the game, but many of us were excited when we would out what was coming next. No more steak, but instead they are bringing the dock to us inland folk in Portage.

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We will be receiving soft openings this week from the newest seafood spot in town, Shaking Crab. Without doing more than renovations to the inside and a new paint job on the outside they are ready for business. There are still remnants of what used to be Brann's, but a new face, smell, and taste will occupy that space. Maybe the new date night is to hit up Shaking Crab after a moving across the street at Celebration Cinema.

Shaking Crab is open Monday-Thursday from 11am to 10pm, while Fridays and Saturdays they are open from 11am to 10:30pm, and Sundays they are open from 12pm to 9pm. Located at 700 Martin Luther King Dr.  They will have all of the best seafood options that we are used to seeing. From simple fish and shrimp baskets to the elaborate and delicious crab leg boils.

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