A general rule of life...if you're going to have spare keys to your car...make sure you don't leave them IN your unlocked vehicle. A lesson learned the hard way by one Michigan Sheriff.

I get a kick out of stories where people make ridiculous mistakes. It makes me feel better about not knowing what day it is half the time. But, this had to be a little embarrassing. On their Facebook page, Marquette County Sheriff's Office shared a story about an incident originally thought to be a prank. The Sheriff of Marquette County, Gregory Zyburt, sat down for an interview on a local morning radio show to promote an upcoming event with their drug takeback program. When he went to leave he noticed his vehicle was missing. He had his keys and assumed his deputies were playing a prank. After all, who would have the fortitude to steal a very obviously marked police vehicle?

After his deputies denied all knowledge a report came in of a police vehicle abandoned in a ditch. Sure enough...someone had the chuzpa to steal the Sheriff's car! The suspect was discovered nearby about ten minutes later. But, how did he steal it so quickly? Was he a super criminal who can hotwire a car in a matter of minutes? No. It turns out...there was an extra set of keys in the vehicle. WHOOPS. I would joke that someone is going to lose their job but since he's elected, I think Sheriff Zyburt is pretty safe.

If you find yourself in Marquette County and are seeking a thrill do me a favor - don't steal a police officer's vehicle. Instead, try something like cliff diving which you can do right there in Marquette County at Black Rocks! And it won't land you in jail.

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