As someone who used to work in the food industry I know how incredibly difficult it is to get a 100% on your health inspection. You not only have to maintain a super clean environment, but it also requires proper labelling, rotation, sanitation, sanitation levels, and safe storage, among other things. One time our catering company got a 100% and that was impressive alone. But One Well Brewing in Kalamazoo announced yesterday that for the FOURTH TIME IN A ROW, they achieved a 100% on their health inspection, stating:

Raise a glass! One Well Brewing just received 100% on our most recent Health Inspection from Kalamazoo County. That's four years in a row of 100% scores. Cheers to that! A big shout out to our kitchen staff for keeping our practices top-notch through the years. A clean, safe environment has always been number one, for our staff and you! Excited to safely have you back inside soon enough, until then, relax and enjoy some One Well on the patio with us this Saturday!

This comes at a crucial time where, starting today (February 1st) restaurants can start having guests dine indoors at a 25% capacity. That's gotta' be a good feeling going into eat to a place you know consistently scored so high. As always, people should use caution and be safe while dining out. But let's hope we're rounding the corner in Michigan for the pandemic and can start enjoying more things.

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