Michigan is the only place in the world that has a floating post office.

Most of know that Michigan is home to the worlds largest manufacture of magic  supplies or that Michigan has the longest freshwater shoreline in the world; but did you know that Michigan is the only place in the world with a floating Post Office?!?! That is true, and you find that fact along with many others at 50states.com

Michigan is home to the J.W. Westcott Company, that has been delivering mail via a boat since 1874! Jwwstcott.com gives a great history of the "mail in the pail".

"Along the Detroit River, on any given day, a well-known diesel motorship brushes up against a much larger, passing vessel. A rope and bucket are lowered from the ship to the smaller boat, where messages, mail and other items are placed and raised back up. It’s the tradition called “mail in the pail"…and a legacy known as J.W. Westcott, the most reliable and dependable marine delivery service on the Great Lakes."

John Ward Westcott became (at the time) the youngest captain on fresh water. He then came up with idea  of offering ship to shore, 24-hour-day service of mail and simple supplies.

The 143 year old post office was the first floating object to have a zip code (48222) and is still reliant today, getting mail in and out on time!

How Does J.W. Westcott II Serve The Port Of Detroit...

  • U.S. mail delivery
  • Freight delivery, storage and forwarding
  • Message service
  • Water taxi service (to and from vessels)
  • Pilot boat services for the Port of Detroit
  • The and delivery of snacks and cigarettes
  • Marine Bookstore offering U.S. and Canadian nautical charts, U.S. Government Publications, maritime history books, manuaks for the professional mariner and postcards

If you are out on the Detroit River and see this gem, give em a wave and remember how lucky we are to live in Michigan!



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