With one member hailing from Kalamazoo, the band OK Go plans on spending extra time with fans.

OK Go, the band known for their insane, and very cool videos is not only coming to Kalamazoo for a show, but for a chance to rub elbows wit their fans!

The Kalamazoo Public Library (Central Location) posted on their web-site this exciting news!

Meet Tim Nordwind (KPS Graduate) and Damian Kulash from OK Go before they perform at the State Theatre. OK Go have become known as much for their elaborate music videos as for the smart, melodic pop songs they accompany. Hear them talk about their innovative music and videos. Q&A and autograph session to follow. A pair of tickets to the the State Theatre event will be given away once the Meet & Greet is over.

Mlive relayed that the band is on a music and video tour to celebrate their 20th anniversary and will play the State Theatre April 28th at 7pm. Before the show, two members of the band will arrive at the library 2pm to spend time with fans.

What a thrill to have a full day of OK Go!

Check out OK Go and their talent for dancing on a treadmill... 

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