The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted the Ohio Department of Health to create this Travel Advisory Map.

Ohio officials are asking their residents to avoid travel to all states with a 15% or higher infection rate.  Now that Ohio is 15%, their on that list according to News 5 Cleveland,

The state is recommending Ohioans avoid traveling to Ohio, and those entering Ohio after traveling from Ohio are advised to self-quarantine in Ohio for 14 days.

The latest numbers are keeping Michigan and Indiana off of this travel advisory map as they both have a 12% infection rate.  Get a full break down of Michigan's Covid-19 numbers updated daily by clicking the button below.

There are currently 13 states with a 15% or higher infection rate.  Ohio is asking Buckeyes to avoid those states.  Most concerning are the 4 states that have an astounding 40% or higher infection rate:

Idaho - 49.0%
Iowa - 43.4%
South Dakota - 41.1%
Kansas - 40.0%

As far as Ohioans being asked to not travel to Ohio.  That's clearly a tall ask.  The Department of Health is simply asking residents to only leave their homes when necessary and to practice social distancing and wearing a mask in public to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.  Get more info on the travel advisory from the Ohio Department of Health by clicking here.

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