Criminals are swindling money and personal information from Ohio residents with new and very believable tactics. They're so believable that many residents aren't even aware they've been scammed. Officials are warning about a new scam that can easily wipe your bank account clean in just a few clicks.


Text Scam Wipes Out Bank Accounts Of Ohio Residents

Scams are becoming so sophisticated that it can be hard to tell whether they're real or fake. According to CNET, because scammers can now utilize AI, they can craft believable messages from supposedly trustworthy sources such as your bank. And text-message phishing (also called "smishing") is rising, scamming Ohio residents out of thousands.

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According to the Ohio Attorney General, a text message on your phone claiming to be your bank with a link saying your bank is closing your account, denying access to your debit card, or suspicious activity has been detected in your account. You click on the link and enter your personal information to resolve the matter quickly. Next thing you know, a stranger has access to your bank account. While banks do text customers, the Better Business Bureau cautions that there are red flags to look out for to tell if your text is a scam:

  • A sender with a 10-digit number or email address
  • A link is included in the text message, usually your bank will only ask for a yes or no reply.
  • A bank website URL with additional characters

The BBB advises not to click on links and call your bank directly from the number on the back of your card or their official website, not the number that texted you.

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