An Ohio woman who was once obsessed with Vampires now claims to be one.

This Wooster, Ohio woman is more than just an Anne Rice fang girl, she identifies as a vampire.  However, this did begin with what she felt was a strong connection to the vampire lifestyle after diving into Anne Rice books at a young age.  Hellen Schweizer explained to USA Today that there are many different kinds of vampires,

Not every vampire is bad.  I follow a higher path.  I'm not interested in sucking anyone's blood.

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She's not of the undead yet lives forever while sucking the blood of mortals type of vampire.  Which I'm sure came as a pretty huge relief to the reporter interviewing this pale Ohio resident.  The 28-year-old went on to say that living as a vampire, "just felt right."

Schweizer is not alone according to the National Post, as a 2015 survey found many others in the U.S. felt the same way,

Surveys conducted by the Atlanta Vampire Alliance have found that there are at least five thousand people in the U.S. who identify as real vampires.

Hellen "Hellie" Schweizer says that not only has the community in Wooster, Ohio been very accepting, but so has the vampire community.  She quickly found a community of vampires after posting videos dressed as a vampire on TikTok.  You can check out Vampire Hellie on TikTok by clicking here.

This Halloween Hellie celebrated her 2 year anniversary of being out of the coffin.

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