A Piqua, Ohio woman is locked up after making a run to the border.

According to WHIO,

Morgan Collier was arrested by Piqua Police this morning, an hour after police first discovered a child in a crib and a child sleeping in bed alone at her house, a police report read.  Officers responded to the house around 1 a.m.

The suspect told police that she was hungry and decided to go to Taco Bell with a friend.  She also told the police she was only gone for a few minutes.  She told the police that after they had been at her house for nearly an hour.

If you're hungry and your friend is getting Taco Bell, wouldn't you give your friend your order?  I'm sure your friend would understand that you have two very young children at home.

There's not report on how the police knew to do a welfare check on the children at 1 in the morning.  My best guess is that Taco Bell wasn't the only destination.  Maybe someone that the suspect knows saw her out and knew those kids were home alone.  Who really knows.

Collier is now facing child endangering charges.

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