A 57-year-old Port Clinton, Ohio woman just experienced the scariest 14 hours of her life.

Being tossed from your jet ski and stranded in the water for 14 hours sounds bad enough.  But when you're in Lake Erie battling 5-6 feet waves in rough weather, that's terrifying.

According to Fox 8 Cleveland,

The Coast Guard said the woman had drifted about 4 and a half nautical miles through the night. They said because the woman was wearing a life jacket, zipped and buckled properly, she survived.

The life jacket no doubt saved her life.  However, since the life jacket was black instead of orange it made it very difficult for the Coast Guard to find the missing woman.  Luckily a fishing boat coming out of the Portage River spotted the woman and pulled her onto their boat.

The Coast Guard does recommend that you always wear a life jacket that is properly zipped and buckled while out on the water.  But don't forget how important a bright, colorful vest, a strobe light or reflective tape can be to locate you in a search.

Have fun out there this summer.  Safety first...even in Ohio!

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