An Ohio woman is under arrest after cleaning her car with fire in a Walmart parking lot.

According to WFMJ the suspect won't have to worry about cleaning any car for sometime,

Stephanie Carlson, 40, was arrested on charges of arson, inducing panic, and criminal damaging.

When police arrived on the scene they got multiple answers from Carlson.  None of which seemed to make sense.  First she told the officers that she lit a candle to get the smell out of the car which caused the fire.  Then she said she poured gasoline on the seats and started the fire with a lighter because the car was dirty.

Police confirm that Walmart security camera caught her setting the car on fire.  That footage hasn't been released to the public yet.  However, WFMJ does have footage of the car fire itself.  You can watch that video by clicking here.


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