This Ohio woman should teach classes on how to end an argument.

Relationships are hard.  Especially when married couples are forced to spend more time with each other during the pandemic.  Throw in a bunch of adult beverages and it can be bad news bears.  Just ask this guy who found himself locked out of the home he shares with his wife on July 3rd in Elm Court, Ohio.

It's unclear what the argument was about or how he ended up locked out.  However, I have a theory.  After a heated argument, I suspect the husband pulled the classic, "fine, I'm leaving" bit.  Then he stormed out of the house and maybe went to Skyline Chili for a three-way and a Mountain Dew.  Side note: Skyline Chili is an Ohio based restaurant who's most popular dish is called a "three way."  Get your mind out of the gutter.  

That's when, in my theory based on nothing, the husband arrives back at his home 30 minutes later to find himself locked out.  Knocking on the doors and windows did him no good as his wife was out like a light.  What we do know for sure is that the husband called the police according to,

 An arriving officer talked to the man, who said his intoxicated wife wouldn’t let him in. The woman was sleeping and the husband couldn’t get the door to open using an app on his phone.

The man was able to gain entry into his home where he went to bed.  I assume, on the couch.

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