The dog is probably fine.  The house and car, not so much.

Thursday morning around 8:16 am troopers responded to the car vs. house accident in East Canton, Ohio according to News 5 Cleveland,

The driver was not injured, but troopers gave her a citation. The woman told troopers she served to avoid hitting a dog. Troopers said she overcorrected, causing her to travel off the roadway.

If I'm being honest.  I get it.  Sure, if she would've hit the dog instead of swerving, someone's house would still be standing, she would still have a car and the Ohio State Highway Patrol wouldn't have given her a citation.  But have you ever hit a dog?  OMG, no thank you.

The Ohio State Troopers do not suspect alcohol, drugs or any other funny business to be a factor in the accident.  Just a love for animals and the inability to avoid a huge house that's not in the middle of the road.

Luckily no dogs or people were injured in this accident.  The driver was wearing her seat belt and the home was unoccupied.

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