One man's distracted driving is another man's hand made sweater.

Over the years texting or any action on a smartphone has become just as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  But distracted driving is nothing new.  It can be anything from doing your make up or eating while driving down to knitting.  Yep, knitting while driving is apparently a thing according to the Columbus, Ohio Police on twitter,

This morning while pulling up to a red light at Fishinger & Kenny Rds., a member of our social media team noticed a motorist knitting while driving. Just a reminder to be careful when you’re behind the wheel. We don’t want anyone to get injured or worse.

They actually got video.  If you can't see the tweet below click here.

The knitting offender was not charged with anything according to ABC 6,

The law in Ohio list distract driving as a secondary offense, meaning someone must be breaking another law first before being pulled over.

Remember, stitches wind up in ditches.


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