An Ohio mom gets busted shoplifting and throws her 5 kids under the bus.

Friday, January 22nd, 2021 was a quiet afternoon in North Olmsted, Ohio.  Then the police were called to a supermarket just before 5 PM.  Police questioned a mother of five after she was caught allegedly shoplifting according to,

The woman told police she might have forgotten to scan some of the items. She blamed the children, who she said were running around, for making things chaotic and distracting her.

The suspect only scanned 14 of her 30 items.  She allegedly attempted to leave the store without paying for a little over $66 worth of items.  It goes without saying that should not steel.  Furthermore, using your kids as an excuse for not scanning over half of your items is not fooling anyone.  However, something important to keep in mind before we poke too much fun of this unidentified mother.

The cost of living continues to increase at a dramatic pace in Ohio and all around the United States.  The price of rent, food and medical care have skyrocketed.  However, the average income has not come close to keeping up with the cost of living increase.

The Real Median Household Income in Ohio has increased 2.65% from 2018 to 2019 according to the Department of Numbers website.  Meanwhile, home prices have increased by 6.5%, jobs have increased by .4% as the population has increased by .9% according to

This is more of a bad reflection on our economy if this mother of five was caught steeling food or other essential needs for her kids.  However, we can all have a good laugh at her expense if she was steeling sunglasses and handbags.  In this case, I do think what she stole does matter.  However, neither the name of the store or the items she allegedly stole were mentioned.

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