I'm not sure what part of this story is the most confusing.  How she was cleaning her garage or the fact that she was naked.

A 26-year-old woman was arrested on August 27th after police responded to a very unusual call at 10:45 in the morning in Bainbridge Township, Ohio.  Law enforcement officers found a naked and bleeding woman moving items from her garage and placing them in the front yard of her home.  The woman was seen throwing things including a chainsaw into her front yard while sporting her birthday suit.  It's bad enough to clean out your garage going full Winnie the Pooh.  But totally naked.  #bodypositivity #brave  Maybe she plans to invest in nudity during the current bare market.

On a serious note, the naked woman was injured according to cleveland.com,

She had a cut on her leg and was taken to Hillcrest Hospital. The woman had fought with her mother, causing unspecified injuries. She was later transported to Ahuja Medical Center.

The woman was later charged with domestic violence and disorderly conduct.  There's no word on if she finished cleaning her garage.

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