An Ohio woman went her whole life as an only child until she found out she had 77 siblings.

I grew up as the second oldest of 6 kids.  To say that I was jealous of my friends who had no brothers or sisters would be an understatement.  They seemed to have it all.  They were spoiled with money and attention.  Not to mention they didn't have to share a bedroom. Maybe, just maybe Sheena Holland-Dolan has the best of both worlds.  She got to grow up as an only child but now has the bond that only siblings can have.  And she has a bond with 77 people that were recently strangers.

At the age of twenty Sheena found out that her parents used a sperm donor when they were having issues conceiving.  Sheena spoke with the Daily Mail about what happened after she jumped on 23 and Me,

The prospect of siblings hadn’t even crossed my mind when I went hunting on family tree sites. But someone reached out to me and said: "I know who your dad is."

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The 26-year-old Cleveland native soon found out that she was the 47th half-sibling out of 78 people so far.  She was then invited to join a family Facebook page created for this large group of brothers and sisters.  Which no doubt, led to some pretty fun meet-ups.

This isn't one of those horror stories like the one from Indianapolis where a doctor tricked patients by artificially inseminating them with his sperm without their knowledge.  This was just a college kid donating sperm to earn extra money.  The result is 78 children and counting.

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