Teens crash hearse after stealing it for a joyride in Colubmus, Ohio.

Its usually safe to assume that you can leave a hearse running with a body in it, outside of a funeral home.  Who on earth would steal that, right?  A couple of teens looking for a good time I guess.  And they not only stole it but they caused major issues after a wrecking it.

Bobby Pardon was minding his own business driving down West Board Street when the car he just paid off was hit by the hearse according to WSYX,

“In all honesty, I thought it was a little old lady and I am saying to myself what is this little old lady doing driving this big old hearse. When it hit me,” Pardon said that he just paid off his car. “My frame is bent. It’s out of line. It’s not safe to drive. I can’t afford to fix it.”  “They started doing donuts in the school parking lot across the street, hit a dumpster, knocked the dumpster over,” Pardon said.

Luckily the body in the back of the hearse was scheduled for a cremation and not late for it's funeral service.

No arrests have been made in this case yet.

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