A teen girl maybe in hot water after her terrible plan to skip school fell apart.

Skipping school is almost a right of passage.  We've all done it.  Some of us more than others.  But this is quite a bit different then your average school skipping situation.  If I didn't want to go to school I would have a terrible stomach ache.  I wouldn't get up, get ready for school, go to the bus stop and then claim that someone tried to kidnap me.  That's exactly what happened in Monroe Township, Ohio according to 10TV.com,

The teen initially claimed she was abducted while waiting at her bus stop on Five Points Pike in Monroe Township.  She said she was able to escape and provided deputies with a description of a suspect.

We can only assume the young girl didn't plan on being interviewed by police.  I'm sure she also didn't plan on parents going to their children's bus stops with guns after the reported abduction attempt made it's rounds on social media.  The student retracted her story after being interview by law enforcement with her mother present according to Sheriff Robert Radcliff's statement to 10tv.com.

The student may end up facing charges from Pickaway County.  There's no word yet on how long the teen will be grounded.  Come on...she's gotta be grounded, right?

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