Movie goers stormed out of a Columbus, Ohio theater Saturday Night after a man busted in and created a panic.

A 25-year-old man is under arrest after causing a terrifying moment at a Columbus, Ohio AMC movie theater this weekend.  People were shocked when 'Suicide Squad' was interrupted Saturday Night at the Easton Town Center when Benjamin Pendleton allegedly ran to the back of the theatre and started screaming "I am the king of this (bleeping) town," according to,

Pendleton then reached into a bag he was carrying, which caused people in the theater to panic and run out.  Some movie patrons leaped over a railing, suffering minor injuries. Otherwise, no other injuries were reported.

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Spoiler Alert: If you're planning on going to see Suicide Squad, skip this paragraph. There is a scene toward the end of the movie where a giant starfish takes over a city and shouts something along the lines of "this is my city" or "I own this city."  That's clearly part of what inspired the 25-year-old's careless outburst.

OK, no more movie spoilers.  It's not unreasonable for people to think a mass shooting is about to take place in an American movie theatre when a man yells something like that during a movie.  However, no shots were fired even though many people reported on social media and to police that there was an active shooter at the movie theatre.  That caused a mass evacuation in the theatre and nearby businesses.

In his defense, his mugshot looks like he was auditioning for the movie.  You can see Pendleton's mugshot by clicking here.  Pendleton has been charged with inducing panic which is a misdemeanor.

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