An Ohio Woman allegedly robbed a local business and attempted to flee using Uber.

An Uber driver by the name of Elizabether Mahan knew something wasn't right from the very beginning according to,

Mahan said she agreed to pick up a customer named Shane at the Bridgewater Falls shopping complex in Fairfield Township. However, “Shane” never showed up.

Instead, Mahan’s passenger was a woman who police have identified as Jalina Lang.

“She [Lang] had her bags in between two cars. She was sweating and acting really weird to begin with. She gets out, grabs the bags. She’s like ‘can I put them in your trunk?' Mahan said. ‘No, you can put them in the back with you.’”

The woman got into the Uber with 6 or 7 shopping bags before two cars came up quickly behind them.  Here's where it gets crazy.  The suspect then told the Uber driver that a man had been following her and urged her to drive off.  So, that's what the driver did...until the police pulled them over.

Fairfield Township Police say the suspect stole more than $1700 worth of items from JC Penny which included the shoes she was wearing during the arrest.

The police knew the Uber drive was not an accomplice to the crime and let her go.

Ohio...Stop It.

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