This social distance idea may flood restaurants around the nation.

May 21st is the date that many people and businesses a like are looking forward to in Ohio.  That's the day restaurants will be allowed to reopen.  The trick is following social distance guidelines so we don't continue to spread the Covid-19 virus.  Many supermarkets and restaurants have used plexiglass strategically placed through out their businesses.  In Vicksburg, Michigan a drive up Elephant Ear stand is using a long table, a rake and a cash/debit card machine.  It's hilarious yet brilliant.  Check out the TikTok video below.

In North Canton, Ohio a restaurant called Twisted Citrus has installed 11 shower curtain polls with transparent vinyl shower curtains to separate each table according to News 5 Cleveland.  That way you are in a little bubble with your the people you're eating with and not exposed to strangers eating a couple feet away at another table.  You can see what a restaurant draped in see thru shower curtains looks like in the video below.

This idea has gotten the attention of small business owners all over the United States.  Kim Shapiro, the owner of Twisted Cirtus has been contact by restaurants in at least a dozen states over the past week asking for specific details and close up pictures of her new restaurant interior.

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