Police were called after a $17,000 pizza prank in a small Ohio town last week.

On Saturday, October 23rd Marco's Pizza in Mayfield Heights received an insane order.  The employees at Marco's Pizza knew something didn't smell right about this order.  Every man, woman, and child in Mayfield Heights adds up to an estimated 3.460 people.  $17,000 worth of pizza would average out to about 4-5 pieces of pizza a person for the entire village.

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The pizza joint called the contact name for the order before they began cookin' up nearly 2,000 pizzas.  The man denied having anything to do with the pizza order.  This explanation was provided to Cleveland.com about the possible pizza hoax,

It was believed that an unknown teenager had placed the order after acquiring the man’s name and address on an online messaging app. The man suspected this, as his teenage son said he had recently used the same app.

That explanation somehow made this calamity even more confusing.  What we know for sure is this: no pizza was harmed in this prank thanks to the quick thinking of the restaurant employees.

What's the most expensive prank you've ever witnessed?  Let us know in the comments.

Side note: did you know that the only 24 hour a day/7 day a week pizza vending machine in the U.S. is in Michigan?  Click here to find out where.

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