An Ohio man robbed a person at knifepoint and made him promise not to tell the police with a pinkie swear because...Ohio.

Just before 11 PM last Sunday evening a 22-year-old was walking near the Pit Stop gas station in Warren, Ohio when he was approached by a man in a ski mask.  The masked man asked the soon-to-be victim if he was a drug dealer.  When the man responded that he was not a drug dealer, the masked man pulled a knife and demanded money.  Things got even stranger after that according to the police report obtained by WKBN 27,

The victim estimated that the robber took about $80 from him before making him “pinky promise” that he wouldn’t call the cops.  The robber rode off on a bicycle.

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You read that correctly, a police report.  The 22-year-old victim broke his promise.

Local law enforcement is still looking for a man riding a bicycle while carrying a pocket knife and wearing a ski mask.  If you see this man, do not attempt to play hopscotch, as he can not be trusted.

There is no word on if the alleged robber avoided cracks in order to not break his mother's back.  We'll keep you updated on the story.

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