A teen who allegedly robbed this Fairfield, OH GameStop was caught on camera and busted by his mom.

This 17-year-old is in big trouble according to Journal-News,

The teen, a Fairfield High School student who turns 18 next week, was recognized by his mother and others after they saw the surveillance photo released by Fairfield police, said police spokesman Officer Doug Day. He is charged with delinquency to wit aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony, because he allegedly had a handgun, he said.

These accusations are serious.  The teen allegedly grabbed a female clerk by her neck while holding a handgun to her head.  He then grabbed what he could before taking off according to Journal-News,

The teen allegedly stole approximately $450 from two cash registers, had $59.99 loaded onto a PlayStation+ card and $74.99 onto a PS4 NBA 2K20 card for in-game purchases.

Not only was he caught on surveillance footage inside GameStop but he was also seen fleeing on Planet Fitness cameras.

Dear criminals, there are cameras recording everywhere you go.

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