A huge drug operation in Central Ohio is busted and mother of five is going away for a long time.

According to the Zanesville Times Recorder,

Janet Gartner and her live-in boyfriend, 40-year-old Nicholas Tony Bair, were at the center of one of the area's largest and most obscure drug operations.

Apparently, the couple were selling one-pound quantities of meth for $6,500.  With that kind of money, you can see how Gartner planned on buying a farm and putting her 5 children through college.  Unfortunately for the suspects, the authorities found their farmhouse in Kimbolten, Oh says the Zanesville Times Recorder,

Central Ohio Drug Enforcement Task Force executed a search warrant of the farm, and seized more than $160,000 in cash, at least five pounds of methamphetamine, 50 pounds of marijuana, hundreds of THC vape pens, several ounces of cocaine, psilocybin mushrooms, two vehicles, four ATV's and three firearms.

That's all very shocking.  However, Gartner's defense attorney explains that the suspects are not the typical drug dealers.  They are not drug users for one thing.  He goes on to explain that Gartner had gotten out of a severe domestic violence relationship a couple years ago and was doing her best to provide for her family.

There's no doubt, there are no winners in this case.

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