A man with outstanding warrants asked local police for a ride, and he got one, right to jail.

Ever wonder why police are always requesting or demanding to see everyone's identification? One likely reason might be connected to the large number of people floating around with outstanding warrants. Important note: most states have laws that protect your rights in this area according to Michigan Legal Center,

In the State of Michigan, there is no Stop and ID law. That means a police officer can’t demand to see your identification unless they have reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed.

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This law likely doesn't apply to the man in Akron, Ohio in this story. The police didn't stop him to ask for his identification.  He stopped the police to ask for a ride according to Cleveland.com,

The officer located the Akron man, who said he needed help finding the bus stop.  Due to the cold temperatures, the officer offered a ride.

When the man hopped into the police car to get out of the cold, the officer ran his identification to find an outstanding arrest warrant. Local law enforcement then searched the suspect and found a temporary driver’s license, social security card, and debit card. None of those items belonged to the suspect. The Ohio man's destination quickly changed from the bus stop to jail.

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