A Beavercreek, Ohio Man attempts massive and scary diversion in order to attempt bank robbery.

If you were planning a bank robbery and wanted to make sure every police officer in the county was distracted by incident so you could get away with your crime, what would be your diversion?  How about an active shooter and a bomb threat at a local school?

That's the idea that 35-year-old Luke Dell put into action Tuesday in North Huntingdon Township, PA.

Dell allegedly passed a note to a worker at Bob Evens while wearing a very realistic old man mask.  The note said there was an active shooter and multiple bomb threats at two area high schools.

The man thought of everything.  He was a wearing a very convincing mask that made him look 30 years older.  He came up with the perfect plan to distract all of the local police.  However, not only did he not even make it to the bank without getting pulled over.  He is now facing multiple serious charges according to CBS Pittsburgh,

Dell is facing charges — including terroristic threats, risking catastrophe, threat to use weapons of mass destruction and left of a license plate.

You can see the suspect as well as the fancy mask he used in the video below.

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