The oldest trick in the book just landed this Ohio man in jail.

The South Euclid Police Department have arrested a 36-year-old Mansfield, OH man who probably thought he had a fool proof plan.  He was wrong.  Walmart Loss Prevention saw the suspect allegedly walk in wearing vest and khaki pants Friday around lunch time.  He then loaded up a cart full of $380 worth of products then walked out the front Walmart exit with a facial expression that read, "nothing to see here."

The news anchor in the video above calls this plan "clever."  However, this has been done a million times and loss prevention watches for this.  In fact, a 45-year-old man was arrested just a couple months ago at a Mansfield Heights, OH Walmart trying to do the exact same thing.  Much like the guy that was arrested in Mansfield Heights, this suspect in South Euclid didn't get far according to News 5 Cleveland,

Once on scene, an officer on patrol spotted a man who matched the description of the shoplifter. The man entered a vehicle and headed to the drive-thru of the Popeyes Chicken on Warrensville Center Road, according to police.

After determining the man they detained at Popeyes Chicken was in fact the suspect, he was charged with theft.

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