Attention shoplifters: Walmart is no longer falling for the Kool-Aid trick.

This is apparently a shoplifting trick that is as old as the self checkout machines themselves.  Scanning a low priced item while slipping a high priced item into your bag.  Using that trick, a 53-year-old Bedford Heights man tried to pull a fast one on the Walmart in Bainbridge Township, Ohio last Friday morning according to,

He was caught using a Kool-Aid packet to scan items at a much lower cost. The value of the stolen items was $48.46.

I'm not sure exactly which Kool-Aid packet he used for this unsuccessful scam.  However, it was likely the $.24 packet.  If that's the case, I think it would be pretty obvious to attempt to walk out of Walmart with a bag full of stuff after scanning a $.24 packet a couple times.  But I think there are a couple other reasons Walmart wasn't drinking his Kool-Aid.

#1 There are cameras everywhere.  Specially at the self-check out.

#2. This is the reason they have an employee standing at the exits checking your receipt and the contents of your bag.

#3. You're not a genius.  People have been pulling this scam for years.  Walmart and other stores are aware.

You think you're being sneaky?  You might as well wear a Kool-Aid man costume and break thru the wall screaming "Oh Yeah."  You'll get the same amount of attention from the store's loss prevention staff.

Now that the unnamed suspect has been charged with shoplifting he'll need to roll with the punches.  Get it? Kool-Aid...punch?  I'll show myself out.

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