Video footage of an intoxicated man being duct taped to his seat after allegedly groping flight attendants has gone viral.

The man in the mug shot is 22-year-old Maxwell Berry of Norwalk, Ohio.  After Berry had two alcoholic drinks on a flight to Florida on July 31st, things got weird.  He asked a flight attendant for a third drink while rubbing his empty cup on her butt.  The flight attendant responded by saying, "don't touch me."  He then got his third drink.  Things quickly spiraled out of control after he spilled that drink on his shirt according to the police report obtained by Cleveland 19,

He went to the bathroom to clean up the spill, but Berry allegedly returned to his seat shirtless, which prompted the flight attendant to tell him to put his clothes back on.  After retrieving a new shirt from his carry-on luggage, Berry proceeded to walk around the airplane for approximately 15 minutes and started to “get friendly” with a second flight attendant.

Berry is accused of groping the breasts of both flight attendants after that.  He then became enraged when he was asked to remain seated.  Much of that moment was caught on video and has been viewed more than 10 million times.

Warning: the video below contains foul language.

To add insult to injury, the flight attendants involved have been suspended because the way they restrained Berry breaks Frontier Airlines policy.

The suspect faces 3 counts of misdemeanor battery.

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