Fresh smelling criminal at large in Northeast Ohio.

Ever get that "not so fresh feeling" while you're shopping?  This guy did as he was roaming the aisles of the Giant Eagle grocery store in Streetsboro, Ohio according to NBC 4,

Police said the man took a deodorant off the shelf, used it, and put it back on the shelf to be sold. The used deodorant was taken off the shelf before anyone could buy it.

He is also accused of shoplifting from the store.

I was ready to cut this guy some slack.  Because technically, he just borrowed the deodorant.  And someone has to care about the body odor aroma in Ohio.  But then I see that he is also wanted for shoplifting other items from the grocery store.

I'm just kidding.  That's freakin' gross.  Deodorant only costs a couple bucks man.  Just buy it.  Side note, if you're already shoplifting things, why did you put the deodorant back?

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