When the police arrived the story got hilarious.

There was a creature stirring, much larger than a mouse.  In Russell Township, an Ohio a man was absolutely terrified at 6:21 AM on Christmas Morning according to Cleveland.com,

A man heard people walking around in his house and saw lights turned on at 6:21 a.m. Dec. 25. He locked himself in an upstairs bedroom for protection. Police arrived and found two vehicles in the driveway.

It couldn't be Santa Claus.  Santa is clearly finished with his home invasions by 6 AM.  Not to mention, he would drive a car.  Speaking of those cars...one car belonged to the 911 caller and the other his wife.

The police investigation found the "intruder" was the man's wife in the kitchen.  He thought she had left to visit their daughter.

Calm down buddy and stop hiding in the bathroom.

Side note: why isn't this guy going with his wife to visit their daughter on Christmas morning?  I think that's the real story here.

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