Ohio driver feeds the stereotype while speeding thru Michigan.

OK Ohioans, don't pretend you haven't heard that you have a reputation for not being the best drivers.  Now that I've offended an entire state, here's what happened in Berlin Township, Michigan this week according to Mlive,

Michigan State Police have cited a driver for, get this, traveling 110 miles per hour over the speed limit. They say they clocked the driver, who is from Ohio and was driving a 2016 Dodge Challenger, going 180 mph in a 70 mph zone.

The state police were able to pull Speedy Gonzales over at 11:45 PM on a Sunday evening on I-75 in Monroe County.  Much like curb side service, the officers had to call ahead and have more officers further down the road waiting for the lightening fast Dodge Challenger.

There's no word on why the driver was going so fast.  Maybe he just wanted out of Ohio really bad?

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