Police discovered a naughty underground business after a recent homicide at this Columbus, Ohio lingerie store.

The Columbus Division of Police were investigating illegal drug and alcohol sales as well as a shooting in July and a homicide in June at this lingerie store according to CBS17.com,

Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein says a lingerie store that doubled as a strip club has been shut down.  Klein announced Monday that Columbus secured an emergency court order to vacate and shutter an east side lingerie store located at 1471 East Livingston Avenue, called “Sexxy 4 Less” that was a front for an underground strip club called “Club Sexxy.”

The violence and illegal activity has been more than just a disruption for local businesses.  There are families with small children that live in apartments directly above the lingerie store.

The Columbus City Attorney tells CBS17 about the underground strip club operators,

The club operators, Lawrence Rutledge and Sharonda Dudley Rutledge, were a husband and wife team with a history of felony convictions, including aggravated robbery, felonious assault, breaking and entering, forgery, improper handling of a firearm, and aggravated drug trafficking, according to Klein.

And you thought Victoria had crazy secrets.


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