A terrifying home invasion had a happy but crazy ending as the criminal wasn't nearly as sharp as the sword chasing him.

In a small town called Harrison Township, just minutes Northwest of Dayton, Ohio, four kids were celebrating a birthday on a Wednesday afternoon in early July.  The kids in this incident will remain nameless for their safety.  The children, who were between 11 and 15-years-old, got the shock of their lives as a man tried to break into the house.  There were no adults home at the time a strange man broke a window and attempted to enter the home.  WHIO talked to the father of the kids involved,

The kids called in a panic saying someone was trying to break into the house.  I tell you what, I was scared to death.

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The children ran screaming and hid in a closet as the suspect not only allegedly attempted to enter the home but also pointlessly destroyed property.  This terrifying moment came to a head when the boy that just turned 15-years-old grabbed a samurai sword and chased the criminal away.

Meanwhile, the father is watching the whole thing go down on their surveillance system from his smartphone.  The father, who asked to remain anonymous, just wanted his children safe.

Good news: A suspect in this case, Rodney Smith, has been captured and locked up in the Montgomery County jail.  He will be facing the charge of aggravated burglary.  There could be more charges added as this case is under investigation.

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