An Ohio man scared the wrong people and ended up in big trouble Tuesday.

A Westlake, Ohio woman was freakin' out Tuesday when she saw a man dressed as Michael Myers.  She was so freaked out that she called the police.  Police showed up with guns drawn according to Fox 8,

They arrested a 66-year-old grandfather wearing a Michael Myers mask and carrying a fake knife and toy gun, who said it was all part of a game with his grandson.

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Police responded to the scene and soon found the suspect and his grandson walking down the street.  The police report states that the law enforcement officer approached the man with his gun drawn.  The suspect who was still wearing the Halloween mask, had a toy gun and plastic knife on him at the time of the arrest.  The 66-year-old explained to law enforcement that he was just playing around and chasing his 6-year-old grandson.

The suspect was taken downtown and booked on a charge of aggravated menacing.  The boy was taken home.  You have to wonder what the parent's reaction to this situation was.  Side note: this guy was clearly just playing with his grandson.  I'm surprised they charged him.

A few months ago we covered a story that involved an armed robbery suspect wearing underwear on his head.  He was also arrested.  I guess you can't have any fun in Ohio anymore.  I'm kidding.  Ohio, stop it!

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