A Kentucky man is facing prison time after allegedly committing multiple serious crimes in Ohio while wearing underwear on his head.

Stout, Ohio is a tiny town across the Ohio River from Kentucky. When I say tiny town, I'm talking about a community of fewer than 100 people. To say they're not accustomed to major crimes like armed robbery and kidnapping would be an understatement. So, when a 30-year-old man from Paducah, Kentucky allegedly robbed a grocery store at gunpoint with underwear on his head, the good people of Stout were in shock. However, it was more than armed robbery according to NBC4i.com,

Davonta Edward Mitchell, 30, of Paducah, Kentucky, has been charged with aggravated robbery, kidnapping, grand theft of a motor vehicle, and theft.

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According to police reports the robbery took place around 9 p.m. Saturday night. By Sunday law enforcement located the get-away car in Adams County and were able to quickly pull the vehicle over and make an arrest. The police learned that the get-away car was recently stolen from an auto parts store parking lot in Portsmouth, Ohio.

We're unsure of exactly what happened that led to the kidnapping charge. However, law enforcement found these interesting and incriminating items in the car the suspect was driving: lots of cash, a gun, and a pair of underpants.

How do you explain away a pair of underwear, a gun, and cash in your stolen car when you're accused of armed robbery while wearing underwear on your head?

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