This kitten at a rough day inside a car's engine compartment at an Aldi's parking lot in Ohio.

The Stow Fire Department posted this on Facebook Monday afternoon,

Not every kitten is rescued from a tree! This little guy decided to take refuge inside the engine compartment of a car parked at Aldi in Stow this weekend. 30 minutes to get him out! Trees are so much easier!

I'm happy that they took the time to save that little rascal.  It can be tough to get a small critter out of the engine compartment of your vehicle.  Think of all the times that you may have had a stow away and didn't know.

I recently helped a co-worker remove a groundhog from her engine compartment after watching it climb up under her vehicle.  You can see the whole thing unfold in the TikToks below.

@danaonairI looked out my window at work this morning to see this little guy breaking into my co-worker’s car. ##michigancheck ##groundhogday Part 2 coming up.♬ original sound - danaonair

@danaonair Like this video if you catch wild animals trying to hitch a ride. ##worklife ##office ##michigancheck ♬ Catch Me If You Can - RME

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