It was probably all of the things this guy did before the dancing that did him in.

This whole thing started when police were called out to Pearl Road in Parma Heights, Ohio about a drunk man who refused to get out of his car.  Before the police arrived he changed his mind and began walking home.  When the police located the man, he demanded a ride home.  They offered to call him a taxi or Uber but he wanted nothing to do with that for some reason.

This whole thing could have ended there.  But this is Ohio.  The intoxicated man then called the police to complain that someone had stolen his cigarettes.  It must have been a slow crime day because the police arrived only to find the man's cancer sticks in his front pocket.  The high maintenance drunk dude was then given a final disorderly conduct warning and was asked to go home.

Again, the story should have and could have ended there.  But again, this is Ohio.  Things got really strange at this point according to,

That’s when the resident started filming the officer with his cellphone before stopping to buy beer, then dancing in the police department’s parking lot. After declining a call for an Uber, the man started yelling and dancing again.

Apparently, that was the last straw for law enforcement and they arrested him for disorderly conduct.  The suspect lost his dang mind at that point.  He then yelled curse words at the officers while kicking and spitting on the plexiglass divider in the police car.

The story would in fact end there normally.  Even in Ohio.  But this guy wasn't done.  When EMS arrived on the scene because the suspect hurt himself while banging his head on the plexiglass, he then attacked the police officers and the medic.

There's a lesson to be learned here.  If you don't want to be charged with disorderly conduct, assault and criminal mischief.  Maybe, just thank the officers for your first warning and go your Ohio butt home.

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