During tough times, Ohio does it's part to make us feel better about our lives.

Imagine waking up to the sound of two women fighting outside at 4:25 in the morning.  That's what neighbors woke up to on Cedar Road in University Heights, Ohio according to cleveland.com,

At 4:25 a.m. Sept. 19, police were dispatched to a residence on a report of two females fighting in the front yard. One of the females was naked.

Two women were found with minor injuries after fighting each other in their front yard.  Both women were drunk.  That's not a big surprise.  The shocker was that one of the women were completely naked.  The two Ohio prize fighters, ages 24 and 27, were arrested for disorderly conduct and later released with a summons to appear in court.

As usual, this story leaves us with more questions than answers.  Drunk or not, what triggers a fight between two mid-twenties women at 4:25 in the morning.  Also, did the naked girl start the fight without clothing or was her nudity a result of the fight?  My final question is, what are they drinking in Ohio?  Just a week before this incident a man was arrested in Brooklyn, Ohio for "harassing people in public while naked."  Well done Ohio.

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